In video production, ingest simply means to bring new program elements into a studio or facility. Ingest can be in the form of conventional video, compressed data streams or data files. Usually the material is stored on a server.

As video facilities migrate toward the IT-based infrastructure, digital files are usually most reliable form of ingest material for a compatible server. Once in the form of a file and with appropriate metadata attached, ingested media elements can be turned into digital assets.

Ingest is the process of capturing, transferring, or otherwise importing different types of video, audio, or image media into editing tools in order to use it in a program.

There are different types of applications that are being currently used in the media industry for ingest are:

  • Final Cut Studio
  • SL NEO server
  • The Harmonic Spectrum X (Advanced Media Server System)
  • Dalet Brio Servers
  • Metus Ingest
  • And more..

Automated QC

Interra Systems’ QC solution, BATON, ensures that the media files coming from the content providers are as per the compliance norms. BATON can QC any type of media content. Users can also QC the incoming content to filter out non-standard or incompatible video content, to save the time on transcoding and storage needs. Based on these results, the editors can ensure the type of modification required in the media files. If the incoming files don't follow the required norms, they can be sent back to the content provider at the first stage of the media workflow cycle. BATON can perform basic level checking like metadata analysis and it can perform high level QC with video/audio quality checks enabled. Files then can be processed as the workflow necessitates.

Ingest Diagram