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Interra Systems' BATON+ offering extends the value proposition embodied in BATON. BATON+ is designed to work across multiple BATON installations and provides functionalities like: Workflow QC, Data Analytics, Custom Reports, and Centralized Management Console.

BATON+ leverages workflow definitions to ensure consistency of QC results across the content life cycle. BATON+ offers extensive QC trend analysis across multiple BATON installations to improve workflow efficiency. Moreover, it acts as a centralized console for synchronizing asset details from different BATON servers.

Workflow QC

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Features & Benefits

  • Acts as a repository for QC planning-related information and QC data for different BATON installations
  • Syncs with multiple BATON installations to fetch QC data on a regular basis
  • Syncs the BATON Test Plans automatically from the registered locations
  • Automates QC data analysis for tracking of trends, patterns, and anomalies
  • Analyzes utilization of BATON resources for optimum performance
  • Creates time-based reports to analyze daily, weekly and monthly QC data
  • Lets users to export the statistics in PDF and Excel formats
  • Enables users to define folder-based workflows that define the life cycle of content with respect to their physical location
  • Offers the ability to define metadata consistency rules over different stages in a workflow
  • Provides complete content lineage information
  • Propagates changes to the QC report reflecting creative intent across the lineage
  • Provides richer QC report comparison options
  • Provides support to create rich set of custom reports using report templates
  • Enables users to manage different BATON installations from a single point using the Central Management Console
  • Lets users publish data and settings across BATON installations using the console, ensuring consistency across different installations

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