Quality Control is a crucial operation that requires deliberations at various points in file-based workflows, one that when left unattended can have substantial impact on the business. Defects like sub-standard picture quality can lead to loss in revenue and eventually to loss of subscribers. Further, the non-compliance issues can result in re-work and add to the costs. Generally, the sooner the issues are discovered, the lower the cost of rectifying it.

QC operators are proficient in finding various visible and audible defects. However, in comparison to the large amount of files and formats found in the current workflow this approach does not scale well, especially, in cases where adaptive streaming video packages are considered. Also, the human inspection is essentially subjective as the rejection of inadequate content varies depending on individual perspective.

However, these problems are mitigated by a combination of automated QC software and manual review. The automated solution can decrypt and examine each frame of video faster than the standard playback and it can run for 24 hours a day. This allows the checking of larger volumes of content. The QC software produces completely objective results, as well as allows the detection of non-visible errors like metadata errors. As a consequence, the QC operator is able to spend more time fixing issues than trying to find them.

Interra Systems' BATON is the leading unified hybrid QC platform that implements organizational QC policy to support a combination of automated and manual QC checks – the result is a well-integrated and efficient broadcast workflow. BATON is used by global broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, over-the-top (OTT), and post-production markets and archiving companies working with file-based content. BATON is the trusted choice for all their file-based QC needs, available both on-premise and in the cloud.

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