Hybrid QC

Automated QC solutions are an essential part of any file-based workflow. They have the capability to check content for conformance, metadata and different kinds of audio video quality issues. But there are still few issues like lip sync, anamorphic video, sync loss between captions and audio which automated QC solutions cannot detect. Or, even if detection is supported, it is not fully accurate. User in such scenarios would like to do a combination of automated and manual QC checks before content is marked as ready for the next stage. BATON provides a mechanism to incorporate manual QC process into the systems

QC process can be divided into three scenarios:

  • Only auto QC
  • Hybrid QC: Combination of automated and manual QC
  • Only manual QC

Depending on their requirements, users can perform either automated QC or a combination of automated/ manual QC or just manual QC flow.

BATON, as a system, facilitates all these scenarios, making it possible for users to use BATON as a single QC platform for all their needs.

Hybrid QC is the mode of choice for maximum users as they would like to perform a combination of both automated and manual checks. Just like automated QC, each facility also has a list of manual QC checks for which content must be reviewed before sending it to the next stage. The test plan consists of an additional "Manual" section which refers to both audio and video manual QC checks. This section is populated with a pre-defined manual QC list, identified using customer feedback and also from forums like DPP, EBU-QC etc.

BATON provides a functionality to register new custom checks. This functionality is available to users with Admin or Test Plan Manager privileges and it is part of the test plan interface.

If the user has enabled any of the manual QC checks, then content QC will be considered complete only after the user has reviewed all the required manual QC checks.

Hybrid QC